Hey there I’m Amber and welcome to the LadyBoss Business Group (LBBG)! I’m so excited that you’re here. It means you’re ready to build and grow an awesome online business and I’m here to guide you along your journey.

I’ll share my expertise, useful tips, the tools I use in my own biz and helpful resources to get you started. I’m a creative at heart and have been a ladyboss solopreneur for a good number of years.

Having owned a successful service based bookkeeping business and starting out as a small business owner running my my own bricks and mortar greeting card business I know a few tricks of the trade. I’m a smart savvy business owner with a creative edge. I can help you with your product creation through to launch, list building and marketing of your digital products or services. If you are service based I can help you set up systems to attract the right clients.

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Starting a biz can be a fun and simple process when done the right way. It’s truly rewarding to see the end result.

It doesn’t need to be complicated

I can’t wait to hear more about your business and ideas for product creation. I’m here to provide the support and inspiration you need and welcome you to email me with any creative thoughts or business question you may have. I really do answer to all emails personally.

Here at the Lady Boss Business Group we aim to motivate and propel you in the right direction in life and business! Thanks for stopping by, you can sign up for daily biz inspiration via our community membership below.

I hope to see you there.

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To be a great Lady Boss is to inspire and motivate others; to be wise enough to know that together we are mighty.

You can achieve great things within your business.